How to setup company books in Talibro Accounting

In this post we introduce how to setup company books in Talibro accounting quick and easy. This guide applies to both, just starting businesses or already setup entities with existing customer/suppliers and etc.

  • Just Starting Bookkeeping
  • How to move from another system


Just Starting Bookkeeping

If you are just starting your business, our congratulations first of all and it is admirable you opting an accounting system from the outset.

You probably have a list of services and or products you are intending to sell/buy. Quite possible, you also have provisioned expense categories for your businesses and even made a list of prospects/leads you will be contacting. Well done if so, quite thorough)

A) To get started with Talibro, it takes you to sign up quickly in Registration page

B) Once you are in, you can upload products/services you are intending to realize. Though if you have quite few items, it is worth adding them manually.

Below is the video guide on how to import products into the system:

C) If you already have a list of prospect customers and or suppliers, you can import them into the system. (see the video guide below)


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