Manage Purchase Orders

Latest update in Talibro Small Business Accounting Software comes with improved order management and inventory control. Specifically, we have introduced Purchase Order management, which allows our users to create Purchase Orders and receive inventory items partially or in full. More

Register customer call logs

Want to register incoming and outgoing call logs in Talibro Small Business Accounting Software? Easy now. Since Talibro 1.5v, you can easily keep track of your communication with your customers. For more info, visit our wiki article.

Email Templates

For more efficient communication with your customers, Talibro Small Business Accounting Software offers you to create personalized email templates. Want to know how? Visit our wiki page.

Customer multiple shipping addresses

There is one more useful addon to Talibro Small Business Accounting Software, we would like to share with you today. And that is, Multiple Shipping Address per customer. From Talibro 1.5v on, you can know create and choose a shipping

Welcome new accounting dashboards

We all realize that any accounting software is useless without proper reporting. In Talibro 1.5 we decided to take it one step further and introduce customizable dashboards. Now, small business owners can create multiple dashboards (sales, procurement, inventories, you name

Set up email SMTP to send invoices

Hey everybody. Here is good news. From Talibro 1.5 on, all invoices and customer statements sent via our accounting system will also be logged in your Sent box of your email agent. We posted a wiki article on how to link

Rip off small businesses

You might have noticed that fast paced SaaS market is introducing the whole gamut of very specialized solutions for accounting software, that Accounting SaaS providers fail to offer or develop on their own. Some of such solutions are modules that

What is the difference?

Just before we start covering each new feature, made available in Talibro 1.5 version of small business accounting software, we decided to share a succinct comparative table to showcase the changes we undertook to arrive at the new version, which

Talibro 1.5 – new and better small business accounting software

Few words about Talibro 1.5 version of our small business accounting software that we released today. The new version incorporates increased functionality; better financial and management reporting capabilities; enhanced billing and invoicing workflow and few other tweaks for better customer

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